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We have thousands of discounted items for the Glass Artist

   If you like a garage sale you will love this Web Site.

Used items - Prototypes - Discontinued Items

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                Tweeked or Bent but totally useable

Our Loss - Your Gain


I've been selling art glass supplies since 1975, thats some 35 years - wow - I'm getting old. Got another 10 years of work in me then I've got to start getting rid of everything. So this is the website to get rid of stuff. I've accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. Right now I've got buildings, trucks, shipping containers of "stuff" to get rid of, not the regular items I sell but just "stuff". And in another 10 years I will be getting rid of everything. If I don't, then I can just hear the wife complaining. I'm adding items most every day and probably have a year of adding items before I'm done. So I hope you can find something on this web site you could use. Take Care!